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Brand identity for MOON+CHAPEL store in Bucharest, based on the idea to bring to life modern everyday rituals for urban spiritual people.

A series of symbols, inspired by old Romanian signs was developed and used in communication, packaging and a series of custom products.


Year: 2022

MC Eye.gif
incense sticks M+C.gif
blanket  M+C
product lineup M+C
incense sticks  M+C
pot M+C
blanket M+C
pack M+C
incense box M+C
symbol M+C
incense  M+C
atinge x M+C Body Temple
incense sticks M+C
tote bags M+C
incense M+C
atinge x M+C
gift pack M+C copy
incense bar M+C
M+C bag copy.png

Photos courtesy of MOON+CHAPEL

atinge x M+C body temple_.png
atinge x M+C_packs.png
phones m c.png
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