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Teatrul ACT

Logo facelift for the first independent theatre in Romania and a series of posters for their plays and events.

Client: Teatrul ACT

Year: 2017-2021

Logo facelift

teatrul ACT.png
teatrul ACT_logo-01.jpg

1998 original logo

2017 facelift logo

teatrul act 20.png

2018 anniversary logo

Poster for Moș Nichifor

poster_Mos Nichifor_50x70.tif
mockup mos nichifor.jpg
Teaser Nichifor1 copy.png
flyer mos nichifor ACT.jpg

Poster for public speaking event

curs de public speaking_ACT_final.jpg
public speaking_event cover_static.jpg
public speaking_event cover_animat.gif

Poster for Nu regret nimic!

nu regret nimic_afis2.jpg
poster mockup nu regret nimic copy.jpg

Poster for Ea și numai ea

ea si numai ea 13.jpg
poster mockup ea si numai ea.jpg
posters ea si numai ea copy.png
flyer ea si numai ea copy.jpg

Poster for Rosto

afis rosto final.jpg
mockup rosto.jpg
lineup posters ACT.jpg
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